Free Write Prompt #4

My project 3 will be focused on ocean conservation. For project 2 I analyzed two articles related to the negative impacts of commercial fishing. Commercial fishing has created a major deficit of certain species, some are even close to extinction. These articles were super interesting personally because this is a topic I am very passionate about. Saving the oceans is a big deal to me and I am excited to be able to express my thoughts on this topic through these projects. More specifically, unethical fishing practices are the leading cause of marine life death. I came across this subject by watching the documentary on Netflix called “seaspiracy”. So far my project is going well in the fact that I feel I have a good topic in mind, as well as an intriguing research question.

My overall research question is, How has commercial fishing negatively affected marine life through unethical fishing practices? I believe that more people should be aware of these issues in which I will further discuss within project 3. The answers and debates that go along with this question directly relate to the overall health of our planet. My head kind of hurts thinking about this, but that’s why I find it so fascinating. Every living organism plays a key role within its ecosystem. Therefore, if you kill, or decrease a certain species, there will be drastic effects. In this case, the absence of marine life within our oceans would destroy that ecosystem.

So far I haven’t seemed to struggle, except for time, but that was already expected! I’ve learned so much through reading different articles and sources. Overall, I am very glad I am completing this assignment because I love what I am learning and look forward to increasing my knowledge on this topic.



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