Aleah Deann Gooden

Today, I wanted to talk about how my specific food preferences have shaped my personality and reputation. I don’t like chocolate, which to most is a bizarre saying. The usual responses I get from this statement are, “what?!”, “no way!” or, “impossible, everyone loves chocolate!”. And to this I always respond, well I guess I’m not your average person. Following my response always comes the question of why? I’m sure I’ve responded to this question a million times but if I’m honest, I don’t know why I don’t like it or why I used to and then all of a sudden just didn’t, I can’t control what my taste buds favor and don’t favor. However, even though this unique characteristic of mine is all but normal, I like being different and not following in everyone else’s footsteps. This abnormal individual preference has become one of my main personality traits, and always comes to mind when I’m thought of by my friends and family. For Valentine’s day, my friends and family know to bring me starbursts instead of a box of chocolates and for Easter, jelly beans instead of chocolate bunnies and don’t even get me started on Halloween, it’s my siblings all-time favorite holiday because they get double the candy from me giving them all my chocolate! Overall, this unpopular preference has given me a reputation that I enjoy because it can always tell me how well someone knows me. For example, my grandma used to bring my siblings and me a box of chocolates every year on Valentine’s day, I never told her it was wrong because I still appreciate the gesture but I know I’ve mentioned this fact several times yet still every year she shows up with my personalized heart-shaped box of chocolates, until this year. Nineteen years later and my grandma finally stopped bringing me chocolate for Valentine's day and showed up with a bag of starburst minis (my favorite), and it meant the world to me.

might be the only person you know who doesn’t like chocolate or bacon.