Food Journal #1 and Introduction :)

Hi! My name is Aleah Gooden, I’m a freshman at the University of Arizona majoring in pre-nursing. I am here in search of a nursing degree to eventually become a trauma or labor and delivery nurse. I am studying at home this semester in Denver, Colorado, but will most definitely be back on campus come this fall! I’m super excited to be taking this english course given that it is surrounded by the theme of food! Food plays a major role in my life due to all the places I’ve traveled and cultures I’ve embraced. I can’t wait to dive deeper into the meanings behind different foods with you guys!

A food that means a lot to me is mango. Mango holds a great significance in my life because I grew up in the Philippines and had access to the most fresh and delicious mango on earth. Living there for five years of my childhood truly had an impact on how I now taste and enjoy foods as an adult. Mango reminds me of my house on Kalachuchi street with my yayas, friends, and my daily life of eating mango by the poolside. When I taste fresh mango like that I know I’m back where I belong, back home. However, given that I’m used to fresh tropical mango, I’ve come to realize that I’ve started to not eat mango, and when I do, not enjoying it. Living back in Colorado now I have yet to find a worthy enough mango to meet the expectations of what I’m used to. As much as it makes me sad not to eat this beloved fruit of mine, I know that just any mango from the grocery store will never do justice to the fresh and ripe mangoes of my childhood.



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